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墨爾本論文代寫 Melbourne essay help

墨爾本論文代寫 Melbourne essay help

The discussion needs to set 墨爾本 out your combined proposed strategy. This section should focus on your study site but also needs to include references. These references should be used to compare and contrast your proposed strategy to those attempted elsewhere and evaluate the performance of your strategy based on observations from elsewhere. Melbourne essay help

Your discussion should open with 墨爾本論文代寫 a restating of your problem statement/knowledge gap and what you have done to address this. Melbourne essay help

Dueduedue论文服务-【美国论文代写】加拿大论文ESSAY代写服务 If you are not including all of your individual strategies in your final proposal, tell the reader why the strategies you are not proposing won’t work.

For your combined final strategy, tell the reader:
1) what it is (e.g., installing residential solar panels on every home);
2) what it will accomplish (e.g., a 50% reduction in demand for energy supplied from the grid);
3) what it will cost and/or who will pay (e.g., systems will need to be purchased by individual households but will be supplemented by government rebates);
4) how it will be implemented (e.g., installations will be mandatory for all newly built homes and will become mandatory for existing homes phased in over a ten year period);
Dueduedue论文服务-【美国论文代写】加拿大论文ESSAY代写服务 5) what difficulties might arise (e.g., households resist and remove the government in the next election before the changes can take effect).


Figure 1: Location of the Narran Lakes ecosystem (a) within Australia; (b) within the Condamine-Balonne catchment.

A conclusion is a brief summary of your findings. It should include:
1) a restatement of your aims and objectives;
2) your proposed solutions and their benefits (or how you have met your objectives);
3) any potential problems;
4) a consideration of what remains unknown;
5) a statement about what you think needs to be done next.

Dueduedue论文服务-【美国论文代写】加拿大论文ESSAY代写服务 A conclusion should contain no references or citations to other work.



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