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marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫

marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫

Modern marketing techniques or strategies are responses to how consumers try to satisfy their needs and wants

 marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫
As the development of the market and commerce, the influence of the modern marketing is more and more remarkable. At the same time, the consumers’ need is also an important factor of the marketing. Therefore modern marketing techniques or strategies are responses to how consumers try to satisfy their needs and wants.
Effective marketing will greatly expand the purchasing desire of consumers. While Consumers’ shopping habits will also affect the marketing strategy. These two actors will affect themselves with each other.
The intention of this discussion is mainly about the relationship between modern marketing and how consumers try to satisfy their needs and wants.
Reasons why certain modern marketing techniques are used to deal with today’s consumer behaviour
marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫
Consumers’ need determines the production and marketing of a firm. Even though, the product of a firm is quite nice or perfect, there is no market, the product is a failure. ‘Market is rapidly changing. The market strategy should be adjusted in response to the need of consumers’. (Clemons, 2008) In this opinion, only the marketing face to what the consumers’ need and want, can it achieve the success of business.
Nowadays, the need of consumers is the most important guidance for the market strategies selected. With the development of science techniques especially the popular use of the internet, consumers have found all kinds of methods to satisfying their needs for shopping, for on sale and for entertainment or for any other purposes. ‘Consumers’ wants can be called a kind of urge in the strategy setting for market. They are the drivers of the plan for strategy improvement’ (Smith, 2008). This kind of need may provide a guideline to make and improve the market strategies.
Marketers’ response to how consumers try to satisfy their needs and wants today
marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫
Strategies should be practical and complete. The whole need for consumers should be taken into consideration carefully and comprehensively. At the same time, Strategies should be made dynamitic and flexible.
1 confidence should be brought by strategies for consumers
The strategies should create a wide bridge for consumers to get to know the goods which they want to buy or might be interested in. The commitment for the consumers is the first step. The strategies should be reliable and persuasive for the consumers to spend their money on the products. Consumers’ confidence can bring consistent market space. Optimal need is the fundamental need for the consumers. The confidence which given by the marketers will make them believe the application and reliability of the goods they bought.
2 strategies should take the need of consumers into consideration truly.
Different consumers’ needs are various from each other. No matter what kind of need, they should be considered sufficiently by the marketers. Strategies can encourage the consumers, enlarge the markets and motivate the need of the consumers. Blind enlargement of market probably produces bad influences on consumers. The modern means for marketing should be researched. Service on line, the survey after market and rapid delivery are all the ways to satisfy the need and want for consumers.
3 strategies should formulate contingency plans to cope with the possible problems and risks.
In making the strategies the service which after the market is crucial, that is about to be included in case of the promise for consumers to choose their products. Potential problem are unavoidable, but an improved service system which after the market will reduce the worry of being treated unfairly definitely.
Consumers buy goods merely because of they are shortage of that product. Marketers should master the psychological change of consumers to consider the long-term strategies. Market can be influenced by this kind of psychology. To some extent, consumers do some shopping of stuff due to the following suit psychology, reservation of products and encouragement of the advertisements made by marketers. As the result of all of above, strategies should be selected carefully and improved on the need of consumers.
Some successful companies are applying these marketing techniques to make the most of consumer behaviour
Woolworths, the Largest Chain Supermarket in Australia, one of the ASX top 200 companies which one wants to reduce the potential stocks and delays on fresh foods in the supply chain, and so introduces separately automatic replenishment systems. And initial data of such software is carried by GS1 international barcodes. Fixed consumer groups and fixed consumers make the customer have formed a potential consumer time. For example, some people like to buy some things on Sunday while other customers prefer to buy on Wednesday, then they would have to break through this consumption model consumers around changed once a week for twice, so we must do what we can to develop the custom of the consumers in order to attract consumers to come to buy.
There are quite a lot of examples, which can proverb it. The Goodman Fielder is Australia's leading food companies one of them. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, you can find products from Goodman Fielder the one that suitable for you. The enterprise product and sell all kinds of bread, milk, margarine, flour, seasonings, spices, sauces, mayonnaise, frozen pastry, cake mix, pies, appetizers, frozen pizza, snacks, sauces, vinegar and cooking oil. Goodman Fielder ranked the first two in the peer industry, which relies mainly on strong sales network and efficient distribution channels, every enterprise to ship the products to more than 30,000 stores, including supermarkets, grocery stores and food service centres.
Goodman Fielder is headquartered in Sydney, the distribution of the number of employees more than 6,000 people in Australia and Oceania Islands. 50 enterprise's factories are located in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands and New Caledonia. Generations in Australia and New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of people will choose to buy Goodman Fielder products. Lockers, even in the meals disk Lunchboxes stand the products of Goodman Fielder, because people know that Goodman Fielder products are high quality, worthy of trust as well as affordable. To act as consultants for the customers who continue to provide services, this approach can seize the psychological and attention of the customers. For example, if the customer is a decision maker, and the businessmen can provide marketing methods and marketing locations, recommendations of how to use product. As a result, customers will feel a sense of security to do business with the businessman. And they will buy the products of the same seller, who will earn more money in a long time.
Consumers buy products rarely due to the lack of that kind of product. Consumers buy things to a certain extent, due to the psychology of following suit, the booking of goods and encourage advertisers. Marketers should grasp the long-term strategic considerations of the change in consumer psychology. The market can be such a psychological impact. As a result, the strategy should be carefully improved and made based on the needs and wants of the consumers.‘ Physiological measures are used to test consumers’ feedback or reflections. Demand will be divided into several levels’ (Perner, 2010). Positive impact on consumer psychology should encourage marketing strategy and improve the progress of sales.
marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫
In conclusion, from what we have discussed above, consumers are the main participants in markets, consumers’ need can provide trustworthy guidance for strategy, consumers can influence the outcome of market, in this writer’s opinion, strategies should bring confidence for consumers, strategies should provide solution for potential problems. The making of the strategies should truly consider the need of consumers. Only in this way can the consumers will determine to buy the product. In a word, if you were a businessman there is one thing you have to think about carefully. Modern marketing strategies or techniques are responses to how consumers try to satisfy their wants and needs. Nowadays, successful business owners know that they must continue to make their marketing dynamic and compelling for their customers. And if you want your business to be a long term success you will have to make sure whether your marketing will hold your target market how your service or product or other things you can provide can satisfy their want and need. Clever businessmen know that only do they establish a relationship with their customers, can they be successful for the long term marketing. 

marketing (Buyer Behaviour)代寫
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