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布里斯班作業代寫 作業常見問答

布里斯班作業代寫 作業常見問答

What should be in 布里斯班 introduction?
The introduction should provide a clear and concise summary of the essay’s contents. It should also include a thesis statement and some relevant background information.
What should be in the main body?
Each paragraph in the main body of your essay should make a point that helps to answer the question. This point should be clearly stated and supported with appropriate evidence and / or argument. Try to support your points with reference to more than one source.
The content of the main body should be relevant to the question. Often it is necessary to explain the relevance of your content to the question (i.e. you need to show your reader how the content helps to answer the question). 布里斯班作業代寫
Can I include background information?
Yes, but try to avoid including too much background information. As a rough guide, no more than 10% of your essay’s total length should be used to give the reader background information.
Background information may be given as part of the introduction or as a separate paragraph after the introduction and before the main body of the essay.
Can I write about the past?
Yes.  Your essay can be historical.
Do I have to use sources from only one discipline?
No. You can use sources from more than one discipline in your essay (e.g. political science, economics, history, etc.). You can use sources from any academic discipline concerned with the study of society.
How long should the introduction and conclusion be?
As a rough guide, for an essay of this length the introduction and conclusion should be approximately 10% of the essays’ total length (e.g. approximately 150 words for the conclusion and approximately 150 words for the introduction).布里斯班作業代寫
How many sources should I use?
At least 4-5 academic books and / or academic journal articles.
How do I know if a source is academic?
Your study skills textbook will provide guidance on this question. If you are in any doubt ask your FC005 tutor.



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