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阿德萊德作業代寫 留學生作業代寫

Learning Log / Reflective Journal 阿德萊德,
Writing in your reflective Journal should not take a lot of time, but is best done regularly. Finding 5 or 10 minutes each day may be easier than finding an hour each week. Trying to do it at the time assignments are due or after a month of work will result in many useful and interesting observations, experiences and details being forgotten.  Therefore daily or weekly entries are strongly recommended.
Look back to previous entries in your Journal from time to time and consider if you still think, feel, or experience things in the same way.留學生作業代寫
In the Reflective Journal you should record and reflect upon workplace experiences. Entries in this Journal will help you to identify skills and personal attributes as well as identify learning opportunities. It is also an opportunity for you to reflect on your previous studies in relation to your current experiences.
You can record your thoughts on things that went well and things that did not go well. You can include how you are feeling about situations in your workplace and reflect on how those feelings may have changed over time and what contributed to that change, or the lack of change.
From time to time consider how the theories and ideas you studied previously compare to the ‘real world’ experience you are having and make a note on how relevant or useful those theories and ideas are. If there is a difference in what you observe and experience in the workplace compared to your expectations, and the theories and ideas you studied previously, discuss what they are and why you think these differences may be occurring. 留學生作業代寫
There are 4 elements to this Learning Log/ Reflective Journal. 
The first is the Self Assessment Exercise- completed in preparation for the Hospitality Industry Experience.  The aim of this exercise is to help you consider where you are at the moment in terms of your employment skills. It then gives you something to look back on near the end of the Hospitality Industry Experience so you can consider how you have developed over that time.
Second is a section in which you set your Goals. Doing this at the beginning of your Hospitality Industry Experience allows you to have some notes to look back on and consider how your experience has effected your expectations of yourself and your career goals.
Third is a space for you to record your reflections on a regular basis over the duration of your Hospitality Industry Experience. 阿德萊德作業代寫
Fourth and finally is the area where you reflect on the experience as a whole. 
Remember: in your Reflective Journal there are no right and wrong answers. What your Course Co-ordinator will be looking for when marking is evidence of:
regular entries
critical/reflective thinking
careful and considered observations from the workplace
comparison of theory and practice.



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